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Boost Your Conversion Rates with Eye-Catching Insurance Proposals

Every insurance agent is familiar with the glazed over look that often enters a prospect’s eyes when they see the standard insurance proposal template. This problem often becomes even worse when a prospect requests an online quote because they don’t have you sitting next to them verbally offering the policy’s highlights. In today’s highly visual world, it just makes good business sense to give people a more attractive, easier to read quote. That’s where Strong Proposals, our insurance agency business proposal software, comes in handy!

What is Strong Proposals?

Strong Proposals is an innovative, highly eye-catching method for providing interested individuals with a wide variety of quotes. Whether you need to put together a life insurance proposal or a commercial insurance proposal, you’ll be able to quickly do so with this software.

What really makes Strong Proposals stand out is the usage of a website-styled quote that looks great on desktops, smartphones and tablets. Your prospects won’t need to struggle through the long, boring structure of a standard insurance proposal form. Instead, you’ll be able to give them an apples-to-apples comparison of their policy options that is presented in a clear, distinctive way. The quote can also include a video, a section about your company and even testimonials from satisfied clients.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways that Strong Proposals can benefit you and your prospects.

Pre-Built Insurance Proposal Templates

We offer a variety of pre-built templates for your convenience. This enables you to choose a design with colors that closely match your company’s branding. You’ll also be able to pre-populate certain fields, which will save you a lot of time and energy during the preparation stage of each quote.

Add a Video to Your Insurance Proposal Form

As previously mentioned, you’ll have the ability to attach a video to your quotes! Whether you want to have a standard video greeting or make a unique video for each prospect, this will really help you capture attention. After all, most insurance deals are now closed over the internet or phone, despite customers typically preferring relationship-based sales. Letting prospects see who you are via a video is a great way to boost their confidence in your services.

Most companies upload a video to YouTube first, followed by embedding it into their home, life, commercial or auto insurance proposal. You can also choose from many more policy proposal options, which we’ll discuss in greater detail below.

You Can Embed Testimonials

Consumers want to feel confident in your ability to deliver whatever is listed in your quotes. For example, if your health insurance proposal is better than their current coverage, they will likely want some proof that you can actually provide what the quote promises. Fortunately, we enable you to add client testimonials to your online insurance proposal letter. This will go a long way toward settling any doubts, especially when you consider that 93 percent of consumers rely on reviews to help them make a purchasing decision.

Provide Fully Responsive Personal Insurance Proposals

We know that most of your prospects lead busy lives. Therefore, we’ve built a viable insurance proposal introduction that can be viewed 24/7 on any web-enabled device. It no longer matters if the prospect is on vacation, stuck at their office or sitting on their couch; either way, they’ll be able to view your quote from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Find Out When Your Prospects are Viewing Your Quotes

As an insurance agent, you’re undoubtedly used to working hard to draw up a policy proposal, only to be met with silence from the other end. This is frustrating and time consuming because it puts you in the position of having to either follow up multiple times or simply allow a prospect to slip through the cracks. But what if you could know exactly when they were looking at your company’s life insurance proposal or auto insurance proposal?

With Strong Proposals, you can get up to the second details about who has viewed your quotes. Even better, you’ll get a notification each time a prospect is actively viewing a quote you put together with our insurance proposal software. This will enable you to reach out to them at a time when they’re showing the highest level of interest in learning about the type of policy your company can provide. Calling them during this process will make it easier than ever to point out the pros of your policy, along with giving you the opportunity to answer questions and remove any concerns on the spot.

Send Insurance Proposals via Email and Text

Text messages have become the best way to reach most consumers. Therefore, we make it possible to send an insurance broker proposal form via text and email. Studies show that up to 98 percent of all text messages are opened, as opposed to only 20 percent of emails. If you really want to increase your client base, it’s vital to meet them where they are, and almost all of them will have a smartphone on hand.

No More Relying Solely on Insurance Proposal Form PDFs

If someone wants life insurance, you can attach the proposal form in a PDF format to the much nicer life insurance proposal template. This ensures they have all the details needed, but it also keeps them from getting instantly bored. When you combine that with the ability to customize everything, you can build fantastic looking life or commercial insurance proposal templates that will really get results.

Save Time with Automated Follow-Up Messages

We all know that many prospects ask for a home insurance proposal or commercial insurance proposal form that they never end up opening. On the opposite side, there are people who seem to be collecting enough health insurance proposals to wallpaper their house because they’re unable to make a decision. Trying to continuously follow up with these prospects can feel very daunting at times.

The good news is that Strong Proposals helps take care of this process for you with automated follow up messages! Each prospect will receive automated text messages and emails that are based on whether or not they have opened your proposal. This frees up your time to do what you do best: sell insurance!

Side by Side Comparisons

Any informed prospect will want to see how your policy offer compares to the policy they currently have. Therefore, our insurance proposal maker comes with a built-in comparison feature. Simply type in the applicable figures for both companies, and they will generate in a side by side comparison box. This will help demystify the numbers for your prospects and also make it easier to discuss the figures together.

Track Goals with Comprehensive Analytics

Our insurance proposal maker will make your life easier, but you’ll still need to make sure you take full advantage of all the helpful options included in the software. Of course, we’re here to help you with that too! Our comprehensive analytics enable the company’s owner, supervisor or other designated personnel to see exactly what is going on with the agency. The analytics track actions such as how many proposals are being sent out, how much each agent is using the program and much more.

Home Insurance Proposals Have Never Been Simpler

Our insurance proposal software will make the process of building and sending out a quote extremely simple. It’s not just for home insurance, either! In fact, our dashboard offers more than 12 different policy types. You’ll simply click on the one that’s applicable to your prospect, then fill in all the pertinent details. You can also attach other items for the prospect such as the life insurance proposal form PDF. Choose from insurance broker proposals forms that include:

  • Car Insurance Proposal Form
  • Commercial Insurance Quote
  • Health Insurance Proposal
  • Auto Insurance Quote
  • Home Insurance Quote
  • General Insurance Proposal
  • Life Insurance Proposal Form
  • Motorcycle Insurance Quote
  • Boat Insurance Proposal Form
  • Flood Insurance Proposal
  • Landlord Insurance Quote
  • Condo Insurance Proposal
  • Umbrella Insurance Quote
  • Dental Insurance Proposal Form
  • Vision Insurance Quote

You’ll have many template options to choose from as well. For example, you’ll find four commercial proposal insurance examples. Once you select your favorite, this pre-built template will be able to import all of your company’s most important details.

Be sure to check out our video for an insurance proposal example!

Check Out a Commercial Insurance Proposal Example

Want to learn more about Strong Proposals? We showcase the many features in a quick demo, including what to expect from features such as the health insurance proposal template and the commercial insurance proposal template. You can also sign up now for a free trial or call us to learn more! Remember: the quicker you switch to Strong Proposals, the faster you’ll be able to start impressing your prospects and boosting your closing ratio!

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