4 Tips For Writing Insurance Proposals

4 Tips For Writing Insurance Proposals

Tip 1: Personalize! Personalize! Personalize!

This one seems obvious, doesn’t it? Apparently not to everyone – there are people in existence who use stock templates available to everyone and don’t make any changes to the format, the language, the photos, or ANYTHING in order to make the insurance proposal tailored to their specific prospect.

Of course you want to switch things up and set your insurance proposals apart from the rest. But, what exactly can you personalize in your proposals in order to prove to your potential client that you have an appropriate understanding of their goals and needs?

  1. Company information
    1. The average Joe may not have all the knowledge that you do about different insurance providers. Give them some information on the provider that has given them the best rate. Let them know who they’ll be working with and what the company is all about.
  2. Brand images
    1. Add brand colors, brand logos, and other elements associated with the company you’re recommending to your potential client (as well as your own). 
  3. A Readable Layout
    1. Your proposal needs to be easy for your lead to read. This circles back to the ‘company information’ piece of this tip – you  might know what all of your lingo means, but that doesn’t mean everybody else can decipher it. Make sure your proposal is laid out nicely and everything is organized, labeled, and defined. 

Tip 2: Use videos!

Using media within your proposal will increase your chance of closing the deal by 32%! It prevents your proposal from being too text-heavy and it can help keep the recipient intrigued. 

Here are a few ways you can add videos into your insurance proposals:

  1. Use a screen recording software like loom.com to walk your client through your insurance proposal. It’s like a movie trailer – a quick synopsis of what they’re looking at, what it means, and why it is relevant to them.
  2. Introduce yourself! Help your potential clients put a face and a voice to your name. Put them at ease and let them know exactly who they’re working with. Show them that you’re human just like them – this can help increase trust between you and your recipient as well! 
  3. Ask for video testimonials! Social proof is a huge deal in this day and age – there are consumers who will hesitate using services or buying products they can’t find reviews on. According to OptinMonster, 70% of people trust reviews from people they don’t even know. So, adding a testimonial to your proposal is only going to be an advantage to you.

Tip 3: Proofread! 

This is a big one – especially in some industries, such as INSURANCE! Make sure the information you have entered in your insurance proposal is the correct information. Your proposal is full of numbers, company names, and information that needs to be accurate. Read, reread, and then read it again. You always have the opportunity to edit a proposal and resend it, but save yourself the trouble (and the embarrassment) and PROOFREAD.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to follow up.

There is always a chance that you aren’t going to get an immediate response when sending your proposal. Maybe your potential client needed some time to look over your proposal. Maybe they got busy and forgot to send you a response. Whatever the case may be, you need to follow-up. 

This follow up email should be personalized, and just like your insurance proposal, should imply that it’s been tailor-made for one specific person. You could also use this follow-up email as a chance to explain to your contact what the next step is after they accept the proposal. 

If you don’t think you need to follow-up after sending your insurance proposals, keep this in mind: follow-up reminders increase your chance of closing the deal by 30%

Ready to take these tips into consideration and start replacing ugly insurance quotes with modern, digital proposals?!

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Happy writing!

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