Car Insurance Proposal Form Templates That Work

Car Insurance Proposal Form Templates

It’s not news that everyone who has a car needs auto insurance. This includes new drivers, drivers who have been on the road for years, people with old cars, and people with brand new ones, too. This also means that everyone needs an auto insurance quote. New drivers who are getting insurance for the first time, people who are buying new cars who need to be insured, and people who are looking for a better rate on their auto insurance. 

As an insurance agent, I am sure that you are used to getting phone calls, emails, and forms filled out from people who are in need of said auto insurance quote. Also, as an insurance agent, I’m sure that you are used to quoting these people out with your recommended insurance carrier and emailing them a PDF that explains everything included in the insurance policy.

While that method works for many, it might be time to look into sending car insurance quotes to your prospects and existing clients in a more modern and visually appealing form. By this, I mean insurance proposals. Insurance proposals are a great tool to use to set yourself apart from your competitors, who are still sending their prospects quotes via PDF in an email. 

If you are unfamiliar with what a car insurance proposal form is, allow me to break it down for you. An insurance proposal is an outline of an insurance quote. It allows the prospect to directly compare one insurance company’s rates to another. It’s a much fancier and modern way to send out your quotes with the goal to obtain the prospect’s business.

Send Car Insurance Proposal Templates That Get Results

A car insurance proposal form is superior to a regular emailed car insurance quote because it can contain so many more features. By sending proposals out to prospects through an insurance proposal maker such as Strong Proposals, you can include:

  • Client testimonials in the form of video or text. Client testimonials are a great way to provide social proof. Many people look at reviews before purchasing a product or service. Client testimonials tell your prospect that you were able to help your existing client with their auto insurance needs, so you will be able to help the prospect with their auto insurance needs, too. 70% of people will even trust the reviews and recommendations of people they don’t personally know, making testimonials a great tool to have on your insurance proposals.
  • Insurance carrier descriptions. If you are an independent agent who represents multiple carriers, you might be recommending one your prospect is not familiar with. The insurance carrier description piece of your auto insurance proposal allows you to give a brief description of the carrier you are recommending to your prospect. You should use this space to add a couple sentences or a few bullet points outlining the most important pieces of the company.
  • An insurance agency ‘about us’ description. If you are sending a proposal to a new prospect who has not previously done business with you, you have the opportunity to add a brief ‘about us’ blurb to your proposal. This is helpful for new prospects, so they know who you are and a little bit more about your particular insurance agency.
  • Any documents associated with the auto insurance proposal. You can upload any documents that are associated with the insurance quote, and your prospect can download them directly from the proposal. This will most likely include the PDF you would have emailed on its own. This will also include any and all other documents your prospect needs to have regarding the particular proposal.
  • Videos. Strong Proposals allows you to add videos to your proposals in more ways than one. These videos will appear front and center on the proposal, and there will be no need for your prospect to be redirected to another website or open another tab. You have the opportunity to embed videos directly from YouTube or Alternatively, you can capture videos during the proposal creating process. With this option, you will record directly on our website using your webcam. Once again, this video will be easily visible on your prospect’s proposal, and they won’t have to go to any other website to view it. Videos are a great tool to use in situations like these because 72% of people would rather obtain information by means of a video rather than reading a big chunk of text. 
  • An apples to apples comparison of the prospect’s current insurance and the insurance you are recommending to them. With Strong Proposals, if you have the prospects current auto insurance information, it will appear right next to the proposed insurance. Everything will be laid out side by side so they can directly compare the two carriers and prices to see how much you can save them on their auto insurance – whether they will be paying monthly, every six months, or in full for the entire year.

These are all helpful tools and features to add to your insurance proposal – and they are things that would be more difficult to add to the standard email. In theory, you could include all of the aforementioned features into a regular email, but they would be in the form of long email paragraphs and attachments. Your prospect would then need to be able to navigate through the different paragraphs and download endless attachments whereas Strong Proposals lays them all out neatly in one insurance proposal.

If you are ready to set yourself apart from your competition in the insurance industry and make the switch from sending boring quotes to sending modern, digital proposals give Strong Proposals a try. You can schedule a demo with us to see exactly how everything works, or if you prefer to learn on your own you can start a free trial! By utilizing Strong Proposals and implementing all of the aforementioned features inside your auto insurance proposals, you can raise audience engagement and create a better relationship with your prospects. Strong Proposals makes it easy for you to add videos, documents, descriptions, and more to make sure your prospect is fully understanding the auto insurance company and rates you are recommending to them. 

Sign up for a free trial and check out our car insurance proposal form templates!

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