Commercial Insurance Proposals Done Right

Commercial Insurance Proposals Done Right

If you clicked on this post, it is probably because you want to know what goes into creating a great commercial or business insurance proposal form. We will certainly get to that, but before we focus on what goes into an insurance proposal, we must first understand what an insurance proposal is. An insurance proposal is essentially an updated and upgraded insurance quote. It is a more modern and digital way to send out a quote, and it will help set you apart from every other insurance agent. An insurance proposal will lay out any information your consumer may need regarding their insurance. The goal of the proposal is to get the prospect to agree to it and accept it. 

The DNA Of A Winning Commercial Insurance Proposal

Now that you know exactly what an insurance proposal is, as well as its goal, it is time to touch on what needs to be included in a commercial insurance proposal.

  1. Define any vocabulary or lingo your reader may not be familiar with.

It is extremely important that you are using vocabulary that your prospect will understand. You are a professional at decoding and understanding insurance jargon. However, not everyone can easily define the insurance lingo that you are accustomed to using every day. Your commercial insurance proposal form should be free of any abbreviations, as well, since there is always a chance your consumer will be unaware of their meaning. While it is possible that a handful of your prospects may be versed in the insurance industry, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If your proposal does contain some abbreviations or insurance related terms that are probably not known to the average Joe, make sure you do something to clear those words up for your reader. By defining anything that could cause confusion, you are speeding up the process of the client approving your commercial insurance proposal template. If you don’t define words and make everything clear, your prospect will need to reach back out to you to clear things up before they accept your proposal. If you have already defined any terms, words, and phrases that could potentially raise questions, your prospect can accept the proposal without any extra steps. One way to clearly define these terms is to create a video that goes along with your proposal. With a proposal like StrongProposals, you can capture or embed a video directly into your proposal. You could create a screen recording and define any words that appear when you are delivering the information on the consumer’s proposal. Alternatively, you can use your webcam to capture a video of your face and explain any terms you know you might receive questions on.

  1. Provide your reader with information regarding the insurance company you are recommending.

In addition to defining terms on your commercial insurance proposals, you should also add information regarding the insurance company you are recommending – the insurance company that provided the lowest or best quote. You can add the company’s logo, the link to their website, and/or a brief description about who they are. Allowing your prospects to have direct access to the insurance company’s information, again, ensure that they are going to have less questions to ask you. This means there is one less step your reader has to take before they accept your insurance proposal. 

  1. Add social proof in the form of client testimonials to your insurance proposals.

Another thing that you can add to your commercial insurance proposal template could be testimonials from clients you have previously worked with or clients who you are currently working with. Testimonials are a very powerful piece of social proof. In this day and age, people depend on the reviews of others before deciding whether they want to purchase a product or work with a specific person. The testimonials on your insurance proposal can be in the form of video or text. You are really looking for a way to prove to your prospects that you are credible and professional. Testimonials prove that if you have been able to assist others with their insurance needs, then you can help the person who is currently viewing your proposal as well. StrongProposals also allows you to easily add any testimonials to your insurance business proposal sample. Therefore, any information regarding the prospect’s insurance will be easily visible, but your social proof will be front and center as well.

  1. Proofread and proofread again.

The last thing you need in regards to your insurance proposal is not technically an element inside your proposal. This aspect comes after you believe your proposal is ready to send out – you need to proofread! Grammatical errors are always a nuisance, so make sure you read through the entire proposal to ensure you don’t have any misspellings. In this scenario, however, when you are working with monetary values, it is extremely important you make sure you have no errors in the proposal. Be certain all numbers are correct and associated with the right bits of information. Putting wrong numbers in the wrong areas can cost you a deal. For instance, if you accidentally put the improved, lower rate in the box that shows what your prospect is currently paying, they won’t accept your proposal because it looks like they would be paying more for insurance with this new quote! I can’t stress how important it is to make sure that all of your information is correct, in the right spot, and that everything is spelled correctly. These errors could cost you a new deal and can also make you appear very unprofessional.

If you are searching for a way to amp up the quotes you send to your prospects, I would highly recommend you start using insurance proposals. As I mentioned previously, StrongProposals is a service that allows you to create these proposals and send them off to your prospects. You have the ability to add videos, insurance company information, client testimonials, and so much more.

Sign up for a free trial today and check out our commercial insurance proposal examples!

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