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As we all know in the insurance industry, an insurance proposal is generally written and given to the client before that insurance agreement actually ‘comes to life’. An insurance proposal is a way for you to assure your lead that they should get the insurance package you are offering to them. Since you are working toward gaining your prospect’s trust, it’s important that you are truthful in your insurance proposal.

Keep these tips in mind when creating an insurance proposal

Make sure you have the appropriate information from your prospect.

You need to make sure that you have done research on your lead. You need to know their insurance needs to ensure that you are presenting them with the ideal insurance plan. You need to make sure that you are offering a proposal that is going to suit all of their needs. If you’re writing a car insurance proposal form, make sure you have all of their information and make sure it is accurate, otherwise, your proposal could have the wrong numbers. 

It’s easy to write generic proposals for each type of insurance you provide and make minor changes for each lead you get. However, these proposals can certainly miss the mark for your client. These generic proposals don’t excite or entice the prospect because it isn’t tailored to their specific needs. 

Use your lead’s language.  

You’re an insurance agent, but your lead is not. It is easy to forget that the average Joe does not understand the same lingo that you do, but it’s important to remember you might need to do some explaining. If you’re using an insurance proposal maker such as StrongProposals, you have the opportunity to do that explaining. StrongProposals has places in your account to add information about your insurance agency so your lead can understand who you are and what you do. It also gives you the opportunity to provide descriptions of the insurance companies that offer the best quote. So, if you’re writing a home insurance proposal form for your prospect and you find that ASI is going to be their best option, give them a description of ASI or some things that they might like to know about the company that they are going to be insured by. 

Answer client questions.

This step goes two ways. First and foremost, you need to literally answer any questions that your lead is asking you. If they’re unsure of the definition of a term on their life insurance proposal, you should define that for them. If they would like to see a car insurance proposal broken down into monthly payments, 6-month payments, or paid in full, you need to provide them with this information. Or, if you get a lot of frequently asked questions, you can attach a video to your proposal and explain some things that you believe your lead is likely to ask.

The other part of this step is to answer questions that the lead is probably asking in their head. These questions can be as follows:

  • Have you been successful in the past? A great way to prove success to your lead is by adding client testimonials into your proposals. In addition to having a place to add descriptions of your agency and the different insurance companies you represent, they also offer the ability to add testimonials to your proposals to show your lead that you are good at what you do. These testimonials can be in the form of text or video and they have a place on your insurance proposal for your prospect to see.
  • Do you understand my needs? Be sure that you are providing your lead with the information and the coverage that they are looking for. Break everything down so your potential client can easily see everything that is being shown in this proposal. This should all be crisp and easy to read rather than listed in an article form.
  • What is my next step? Your lead should never have to ask you the next step that they need to take. That should be clear in anything that you’re sending to them. Give your lead a number to call you at, or make it a thousand times easier and add buttons to the bottom of your proposal. These buttons will allow the prospect to take action without having to reach out to you. Allow easy options such as ‘accept this proposal’ or ‘ask a question’. 

Keep it to the essentials

Long proposals are less likely to be read start to finish. Include the information that you need. You should have had a conversation with your lead to see what they’re looking for exactly. You don’t need to add any extra information, especially if you’ve taken the advice above and you have implemented an ‘ask a question’ button on the proposal. This way, your prospect will still have access to all of the information they need, but it won’t be overpowering and jam-packed on the proposal with the information that is necessary to include. Think to yourself, does my reader need this information to make a decision. If the answer is no, delete it.

Reach for perfection.

This is really just a fun way to say proofread, which should have been on your list anyway. Proofreading your proposal is especially important in this industry because you are working with numbers. Entering an incorrect price is embarrassing as well as harmful for you. This can hurt your professionalism as well as your credibility with your lead. It can even cost you that business. Read your proposal from beginning to end one more time, it may seem daunting, but it is so worth it, especially if you do find any errors. In addition to checking your numbers, make sure you have your contact’s information correct. StrongProposals sends your proposal to your prospect via text message and email. Double check that information in your account to ensure the information is going to the right place. Also, make sure the contact’s name is spelled correctly, as it’s likely to be the first thing the lead sees. 

Keep these tips in mind when you’re writing a health insurance proposal, a commercial insurance proposal, and anything in between. To make your life easier, use an insurance proposal maker like StrongProposals so you can save your templates, testimonials, and insurance company descriptions and add them to your insurance proposals as needed.

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