Why Your Insurance Proposal Needs Social Proof

Why Your Insurance Proposal Needs Social Proof

Why You NEED Social Proof In Your Insurance Proposal

Let’s face it – you’re the total package. You’re a stellar insurance agent. Your health insurance proposals are a-maze-ing. You’re just missing one thing… social proof. The thing your prospects are going to look for before accepting your proposals.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘social proof’ let me break it down for you. Social proof is the idea that people are influenced by decisions, actions, and opinions of those around them. We see this everywhere – it’s like when you’re about to try a new restaurant, but before you can commit, you do that quick Google search to see how other people reviewed the place.

How Can I Add Social Proof to an Insurance Proposal?

One form of social proof is a testimonial. A testimonial is a statement that testifies to one’s achievements, qualifications, character, credibility, etc. Sounds like a good thing to add to a home insurance proposal, right? That’s because it is.

A testimonial doesn’t only add credibility to the service that you’re offering, it also is likely to pave the way for a potential client to use your services as well. Yes, people trust people they know, but 70% of people trust recommendations from people they DON’T know. So – if you can get a testimonial from a client and attach that to your car insurance proposal, you can strengthen the trust between you and your prospect.

How Can I Add A Testimonial to an Insurance Proposal?

Video testimonials are a great option to add to your insurance proposals. This type of testimonial is a video created by one of your clients expressing how awesome you are! They can make a big impression on those who aren’t your clients… yet. Seeing an actual human and hearing an actual voice establishes more trust than a bit of text (but that isn’t a bad thing to have on your insurance proposal, either). Videos are also great to use because they increase audience engagement and, when attached to a home insurance proposal, they will help your prospect get a better understand of you and your business.

Another type testimonial you can add to your insurance proposal is strictly text. This is like a review specifically tailored to you as an agent and how you helped the client that gave the testimonial. A good written testimonial is authentic and to the point. Long testimonials will take up a lot of room on your proposal and it’s less likely to be read than a testimonial that is more direct.


Social proof is important! StrongProposals can help you add that social proof to your health insurance proposal through testimonials. Use these testimonials to boost your business, build credibility, and gain trust from your prospects!

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